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Do I need SEO for my website?

Do I need SEO for my website?

Try and research this topic, and you’ll find you’re playing a rigged game. The very best people at manipulating search results are the same people who want to sell you SEO services. Agencies control the conversation around SEO, and unsurprisingly advocate for more of it whenever they get a chance.

SEO can be really expensive, and we all know budgets can make or break a small business, so by writing this article, we're hoping to share some experiences and thoughts that might help anyone with an important SEO decision on their hands.

It should be noted this isn’t an article about how...

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Who are Unspun?

Who are Unspun?

It's a fair question.

We're here claiming to have all these years of experience, we've got a raft of hilarious testimonials, a sparkling portfolio... But we're also new. How does that add up?

Nope, it's not time travel, not this time. It's much simpler. 

We used to be part of Impelling, and now we're not.

Don't worry, there's not been any punch ups or falling out. Everything is good, and we're all still friends!

Our move away from Impelling comes as part of a deliberate move to focus brand identities and strengthen the messaging for both companies.

Historically, Impelling was split down the middle, supplying...

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Introducing Unspun and our new website

Introducing Unspun and our new website

A big hello 👋

... from all of us here at Unspun.

We're delighted to have our new website up and running, and we're looking forward to getting stuck into some cool projects during the course of 2024.

If you're reading this, it's likely you already know who we are, but if you've stumbled upon our website because you're looking to hire us, Great to meet you!

You might be interested in learning more about our origin story. which we detail in this post. Or you could get in touch, and we can get to know each other over a coffee maybe?


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The Unspun spinner

"I told them nothing snazzy was required, but they made it snazzy anyway"

Louise, ETH

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