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A logo is often on the first things people see when they're introduced to your company, and plays an important role in making your business memorable and recognisable for those people the second, third, and fourth time they interact with you.

The mixture of words, shapes, and colours that make up a logo need to work hard.

Something we understand all too well, after years designing logos and branding for businesses of all shapes and sizes from our office here in Sheffield.

While we pride ourselves on offering our logo and graphic design Sheffield companies can rely on, we offer our services to companies all over the UK. Our logo design services are available to anyone, and are available independent of a website, or a branding package. Our expert graphic design team turn the thoughts and ideas of our customers into a logo design they're proud to have represent their business.

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Why choose Unspun for your company branding

Our logo design services are just the tip of the iceberg of our full range of brand design services. Brand design is all about extending the company representing power of your logo into a complete visual identify. We're talking consistent colours and design across all your marketing, stationery, letterheads, clothing, and even the company vans all being in sync, and all following the same patterns. 

Our Sheffield logo experts, are also Sheffield brand experts, and we love working with businesses to create a brand package that helps project their identity across the web and printed media. 

Some of our work

How we approach a company rebranding

  • Understanding your business

    We get to know you, your core values, mission, and target audience.

  • Concepts

    Our creative designers distil that information into some initial concepts for you to review.

  • Feedback and iteration

    We take any feedback and refine our concepts through several sounds of iteration until all parties are happy.

  • Creative development

    We get to work producing high quality digital assets for you in a variety of formats.

  • Usage guidance

    We create brand guideline, and talk you though them, so you know how to best deploy your brand across various platforms and media.

  • Support

    We don't just leave you to it. We're available whenever you need us to help with anything brand related.

Download our branding white paper

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Bespoke graphic design services

A full range of graphic design services

Need something that doesn't quite fall under logo design or branding? Business cards using your existing logo, an update to sections of your branding, leaflets or flyers for an event, or even just a different point of view on some work you've done? We're always happy to help, and we'd love to get involved. 

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of having a logo designed varies widely based on factors like the complexity of the design, the experience of the designer, and the number of revisions required. Prices can range from a few hundred pounds for a simple logo to several thousand for a more intricate design with extensive brand guidelines.

Designing a logo typically takes between 5 to 30 hours. This time includes initial consultations to understand the brand, the actual design work, and multiple rounds of revisions based on client feedback. The exact time can vary depending on the complexity of the logo and the responsiveness of the client.

Creating a logo is not easy; it requires a blend of artistic skill, design knowledge, and an understanding of branding principles. A good logo needs to be unique, scalable, and effectively communicate the essence of a brand. This involves a thoughtful process of brainstorming, sketching, and refining ideas.

A standout logo is typically simple yet memorable, allowing it to be easily recognised and recalled. It should be relevant to the brand it represents, effectively conveying the brand's identity and values. Good use of colour, typography, and originality are also key elements that can make a logo distinctive.

To get an idea for your logo, start by considering your brand’s core values, target audience, and what message you want to convey. Look at logos of other companies in your industry for inspiration, but aim for uniqueness. Brainstorm with stakeholders and consider working with a professional designer to bring your vision to life.

As a client, your input is crucial throughout the logo design process. Typically, you'll be involved in the initial briefing, provide feedback on design drafts, and make final approval decisions. This collaborative approach ensures that the final logo aligns with your vision and accurately represents your brand.

Yes, a logo can be redesigned or updated to reflect changes in your brand or market trends. It's common for businesses to refresh their logos to stay current and relevant. The redesign process should retain core elements of the original to maintain brand recognition while introducing new aspects that enhance the logo’s appeal.

When your logo design is completed, you will typically receive it in multiple formats to ensure versatility across different media. Common formats include vector files like AI and EPS for scalable use, as well as raster files like PNG and JPEG for digital and print use. This ensures your logo looks great whether it’s on a business card, website, or billboard.

Colour is a critical element in logo design as it can evoke emotions and convey messages about your brand. Different colours have different psychological effects and can influence how your brand is perceived. For example, blue often conveys trust and professionalism, while red can evoke excitement and passion. Choosing the right colours helps reinforce your brand identity and connect with your target audience.

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